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History of Plovdiv Airport

Rent a car Plovdiv airport Plovdiv International Airport - Plovdiv the second largest city in Bulgaria situated in the southern part of Bulgaria. Plovdiv Plovdiv International Airport is specialized in servicing in charter passenger flights for Bulgaria Mountain Ski Resorts during the winter period from December to April. The best Bulgarian mountain resorts Pamporovo and Borovets are about 36 and 54 miles away. The local ski resort, named White Church is at less than 20 miles distance from Plovdiv airport.

Rent a car in Plovdiv

General Info: Plovdiv is one of the oldest towns not just in Bulgaria, but also in whole Europe. This is the second largest city in Bulgaria, after Sofia. It is situated in the western part of the Gorno Thracian lowland, on the two banks of the biggest river in Bulgaria- Maritsa and on top of six unique syenite hills- “tepeta”. The city is situated 150 km east of the capital of Bulgaria- Sofia and 270 km west of Bourgas. Layers of cultural treasures from prehistoric, Thracian, roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and revival periods can be found in the region. Today Plovdiv is a modern city with fast developing business centre. Many new administrative buildings and trade centres and numerous companies and enterprises have offices in the city.
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