10 tips for renting a car

It happened to many of us to rent a car for a variety of reasons, whether because of a trip outside the country or because of a damaged own car or just to do a favor to a friend or relative living outside the country. Here are the steps you need to follow when renting a car.

Advice #1 for renting a car

10 Tips for renting a car First of all, you need to know exactly what car to hire so you can optimize your costs but also get the job done. Cars for rent are mainly divided into two types - normal cars and image cars. The companies in the sector are different.

Some companies focus on a large number of identical cars divided into different classes according to the size of the car or the engine and the size of the luggage compartment, as well as the number of seats in the car.

Another type of companies rely on a small number of cars, even single units with luxury saloons, luxury performance and well known brands, most often for representative purposes.

In Bulgaria, such cars are often hired not because such a vehicle is needed, but just for someone to show himself. This often leads to misunderstandings because the rental price of a luxury car as well as the deposit amount is much higher than that of a normal car.


Advice #2 for renting a car

Secondly, once you have determined what car you want, you have to define precisely the class of car - small, medium, large, for how many people and how much luggage. It often happens the customer to order Toyota Aygo and at the airport to come 5 people with 5 large suitcases.

The surprise is that there is enough space for the people but their luggage stays outside. To the question why you have booked exactly this car, the answer is: well, because we liked the price.

The conclusion is that not exactly the price is always decisive. Functionality is also essential.


Advice #3 for renting a car

Once you are sure of exactly what car you need, you better look at different proposals in the area where you want to rent a car. Normally, there are more than one car rental provider in your area and the prices and the cars themselves are different. You can view the proposals in the websites of the companies and compare the various options.

Here it should be noted that if it comes to car hire in Bulgaria surprises are possible: various companies offer the same brand and model of many different prices and they give a fairly misleading information to lead to a contract conclusion.

One of the most common suggestions is for Renault Clio. Cars of this model have been produced for more than 20 years and especially for the summer season offers for 20 BGN per day are only for 10-20 years old cars.

You have to decide whether you want to travel to the sea and back with such a car. The old car always hides surprises and can bring you into serious adventures. Then come "new cars at 30-35 BGN per day". Usually these cars were new about 8 to 12 years ago. Then come the suggestions for 25-40 euro per day and these cars are usually really new and latest models.

The difference in the prices come from the different type of the rent a car companies and also whether tax and insurance is included in the price. Usually at the end the real difference will be 2 to 5 euro.


Advice #4 for renting a car

If you have already chosen any of the world's famous suppliers and you are satisfied by the conditions, simply book a car. But if you intend to rent from a less known company, you need to check if it is reliable.

You can do this with a few simple searches in Google and see if they have good comments. It is often the case that different people write different things on the internet and even things that have no relation to quality of work or cars.

Take a look at the company's responses to make the right conclusions. Look if a friend of yours has already used the service of the respective company and what's his impression. In this way you can be sure that the chosen company will give you the correct service.


Advice #5 for renting a car

When you have already selected a car rental company, it is very important to check their fuel policy - full/full, full/empty or same/same.

Then check if it does not happen as it is written in the contract what fee or fine you have to pay. What happens if the company offers same/same fuel policy but you return the car with full tank - do they refund you the amount. Once you are informed about these things you can go to the next step.


Advice #6 for renting a car

We advise you to check what insurance is included in the daily rental price. Different companies have different policy about this. Some companies offer a price with everything included. If this is the case, you better check out what exactly is included. It often happens that "everything" is only the necessary required to drive the car.

Even vignette might not be included. We have witnessed how the client has been sent himself to make the civil liability, which is a compulsory insurance.

In any case when you hire a car you have to be informed if the additional non mandatory insurances are included in the rental price and what exactly they cover. Some companies offer additional insurance that cover damage to tires, rims, windscreen and others.


Advice #7 for renting a car

It is really important to get informed of what to do in case of a road traffic accident. The important thing here is whether you will be provided with a replacement car or not and whether you have to pay something extra in case of damage.

And if yes exactly what. Each rent a car company has his own policy regarding this and you better be informed in advance. Not every company will react quickly and adequately when this is case. And please note that it is absolutely mandatory to request the necessary documents from the relevant authorities /police/ to certify the event.

If you do not have a document, the company may refuse to acknowledge the damage and most probably you will have to pay for it.


Advice #8 for renting a car

Each car rental company offers additional service and equipment. These are children seats, snow chains, ski racks, extra insurance, GPS and more. If you need any of these together with the car, it's good to get informed of these additional options and their prices.

It often happens that their price exceeds the daily rental price. Many companies offer a rental car at cheap prices at first glance, but when you add the additional equipment, insurance etc, the prices rise quite a lot.

Advice #9 for renting a car

When you rent a car and there will be more than one driver, it's good to get to know the company's policy for the number of drivers and the cost of an additional driver. The normal practice is fist driver to be free of charge, while second, third etc to be charged. Each car rental company has its own policy for this and often the prices are quite high.

The reason for this is the serious wear and tear of certain parts of the car especially around the driver's seat when using the car by several drivers at the same time. Each time the driver changes is followed by new seat adjustment and its options, adjustment of all rear-view mirrors and all other elements accompanying the control and comfort of the car.

If the car is driven by one person he makes adjustments once and does not change them for long time. Many customers do not attach much importance to this, but believe the depreciation is not to be underestimated.


Advice #10 for renting a car

If you have decided to travel beyond the borders of the state, it is very important to check the conditions of the chosen rental company for allowing this. There are companies that do not allow traveling outside the borders of Bulgaria. There are others that limit traveling only to the neighboring countries even not all them.

There are also companies that do not impose restrictions on the destinations, as long as you warn them in advance. Another issue is the price you have to pay for travel abroad, such as fees and additional insurance if necessary.

In our practice, we have encountered many and varied variants and the prices range from € 20 to higher sums. The mileage limit is an important point here, and if any, what is the cost. When traveling abroad it is a fairly substantial element and our advice is not to underestimate it.

When renting a car in the winter there are mandatory requirements that are monitored by the control authorities. In this connection, you must be convinced that your vehicle will be ready for winter conditions - winter tires that meet the requirements, antifreeze, winter windscreen wiper, snow-cleaning tool and ice from the vehicle.

We want to alert you that some of the small rental companies do not pay special attention to this and often the customers suffer the consequences. There is usually a winter equipment charge, named differently in the different countries and companies.

This fee may be included in the price or may not be included. You need to be informed about it, because during the winter season it is of essential importance for the movement of each car.