Val & Kar - Basic information for rent a car and Airport transfers

Rates in EUR includes:

  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance (Police report is compulsory for all car rent insurance events)
  • Unlimited mileage /for rentals over 7 days /
  • Free road maps of Bulgaria
  • No cancellation fee (if canceled on time)
  • No charge for flight delay
  • No charge for credit card payments
  • No charge for young driver
  • Many options for car rental reservation – phone, fax, e-mail and online
  • All compulsory insurance are included in the prices
  • Special discounts for long term rentals
  • Reservations are accepted by class of vehicle and not by brand, model, color, e.t.c. Val & Kar reserves the right to provide a similar or higher class at the same rental conditions for all confirmed bookings
  • Discount for online reservations fixed 5% of the daily rental price / for the territory of Bulgaria only /
  • Special bonus for our regular customers … % on next rental
  • No additional charges for payments in cash or by credit (debit) cards and bank transfers
  • "Mini" leasing programs – excellent conditions for long-term rentals, with full car service
  • Deliveries to all airports in Bulgaria and neighboring countries, tracking the flight
  • Individual approach to every client
  • Accessories
  • Expenses for oil and maintenance, excluding the petrol
  • Third party and CDW Insurance, rent a car insurance, insurance for the seats, full 24 hours "Auto Assistance" in Bulgaria
  • Full 24 hours rental day
  • V.A.T. included
  • Road taxes for Bulgaria (road vignette)
  • Replacement of the car in case of mechanical damage or any other emergency

Terms & Conditions

Drivers License and ID requirements:
Each driver must show photographic proof of identity at the start of the rental. All drivers must present a full and current driving license which has been held for at least 3 years.
Rental period:
Minimal rental period: 1 day = 24 hours. If the vehicle is returned after the end of the rental agreement, the Renter will be charged as follow: until 1 hour - free of charge, 1-3 hours - half rental day, 3 hours and more - rate for a whole day.
Weekend tariff: Friday 14.00 - Monday 10.00. This tariff can’t be combined with other promotions.
The minimum period of 1 day is not offered permanently. Only if possible and availability of a vehicle and if not combined with a national holiday or Sunday. Real minimum car rental period 2 or 3 days.
Method of payment:
Cash payments are welcome, bank transfer or by credit, debit card Visa, Master Card. Credit card is mandatory for all rentals when traveling abroad.
Deposit, Liability/Excess:
Accepted in cash or by credit card.
All rates are in EURO and include 20 % VAT, 24/7 road assistance, road taxes and unlimited mileage for the territory of Republic Bulgaria for rentals over 7 days , first additional driver, CDW - reduces the renter’s liability in case of damage of the vehicle up to the amount of the excess. CDW is valid only if a protocol from the Police Authorities is presented. Does not cover damage to the vehicle due to driving under the influence of alcohol, other intoxicating substances or due to violation of the Bulgarian Traffic Laws.Third Party Liability valid for all the countries from the European Union (EU).
Fuel policy:
Option 1. full - full
Option 2. full - empty
The customer selects how to return the car. In the case of the quantity .Option 1 / full - full / on return, the car must be loaded up front with fuel. If there is a missing fuel, it is paid at the petrol station price + EUR 10 / BGN 20 / missing fuel.
When selecting a Option 2 / full - empty /, the customer pays the fuel in advance and only in cash according to the vehicle specification and the price per liter of fuel. Upon return, it is necessary to have fuel to reach the vehicle to the first petrol station. Fuel money is not recoverable.
The prices for a full fuel tank for the different categories of cars and their sub categories are the following:
1. Category A Mini 78 leva / 41 euro - for all types of cars
2. Category В Economy  
 a. Renault Clio 120 leva /62 euro
 b. Opel Corsa 120 leva /62 euro
3. Category С Compact  
 а. Fiat Tipo 140 leva /72 euro
 b. Renault Megane, Toyota Auris 140 leva /72 euro
 c. Proton Persona 110 leva / 55 euro
 d. Renault Megane Automatic 170 leva / 92 euro
4. Category D Station Wagon  
 а. Dacia Doker 115 leva / 59 euro
 b. Fiat Tipo SW 140 leva / 72 euro
 c. Renault Megane SW Automatic 170 leva / 92 euro
5. Category Е Standard 170 leva / 92 euro
6. Category F VAN  
 а. Dacia Lodgy 110 leva /55 euro
 b. Opel Zafira 160 leva / 85 euro
 c. Renault Trafik 1,6 DCI 170 leva / 90 euro
 d. Opel Vivaro 1.6 CDTI 170 leva / 90 euro
 e. Toyota Proace 210 leva / 108 euro
 f. Toyota Proace Automatic 210 leva / 108 euro
7. Category G 4x4  
 а. Renault Kadjar 180 leva / 95 euro
 b. Opel Mokka 150 leva / 78 euro

Additional equipment

Snow chains (for winter season):
1 €/day, maximum charge 20 € per rental /max. rental 30 days/.
Ski rack (for winter season):
1 €/day, maximum charge 30 € per rental /max. rental 30 days/
Baby seat, Booster:
1 €/day, maximum charge 15 € per rental /max. rental 30 days/
Child seat:
Child seat - 1 €/day.
Navigation System (GPS):
3 €/day, maximum charge 40 € per rental /max. rental 30 days/ (Deposit/Excess 50 €).

Additional charges and insurances

Delivery / collection in the city of Sofia:
Delivery / collection in the city of Sofia - 15 €.
Second additional driver:
3 €/day for second additional driver.
Airport fees:
Mileage limit:
For rentals up to 7 days 250 km for 1 rental day.
Over-limit kilometers are paid at 0.09 euros per kilometer
Border exit:
Limit of kilometers - 300 km/day for contracts up to 7 days. Additional mileage 0.09 €/km.
No price for low season! Deposit and Excess are double!
Cross Border Fee:
20 € per rental /max. rental 30 days/.
Cross Border Certificate:
10 € per rental /max. rental 30 days/.
Power of Attorney if requested in some countries - available at extra charge.
Car assistance abroad insurance:
15 days - 33 €, 30 days - 53 €.
Super Cover for Damages:
See Val & Kar tariff. Additional insurance that frees the customer from liability for damage, but does not relieve the submission of the required documents and payment of an administrative fee.
Super Theft Protection:
See Val & Kar tariff. Additional insurance that frees the customer from liability for damage, but does not relieve the submission of the required documents and payment of an administrative fee.
In case of damage or theft to rented vehicle, a police protocol or mutual agreement statement is required. Otherwise additional insurance reducing your Non-Waivable Excess will be invalid.
In case no other vehicle/participant is invloved in the accident and the police has refused to attend the scene, the customer should provide reference number from his call with the police.
WTI: Windshield, Tire, Rims & hubcaps Insurance
Insurance that discharges the windshield, tire breaker, rim injury, or car wreck.
It is desirable, if possible, to submit the necessary documents for the damage.
Because these events usually occur on the road, an emergency repair site is required at or near the event, and the amount of repair is refunded upon return of the vehicle. Prior to such repairs, he or she must agree with Val and Kar Rent a Car. No refunds will be made without the company's prior approval. For such incidents no replacement of the car is envisaged.
Note: Prices are for one day!
Incident Administration fee:
In case of an accident, there is a non-waivable fee of € 85.00 to cover administration expenses, irrespectively of driver’s liability.
Winterization fee:
2.00 € per day, maximum charge 20 € per rental /max. rental 30 days/ is charged from 1st November until 31st March. All car groups are equipped with winter tyres, winter windscreen washer fluid and ice-scrapers.
55 €/8 hours, Mon.-Fri., over 8 hours - 10 €/hour, weekend/holidays - 100 €/8 hours, over 8 hours - 15 €/hour.
Out of hours service:
15 € fee applies for all contracts from 6:30 to 9:00; 18:00 to 22:30, 25 € from 22:30 to 6:30 - Monday till Saturday.
For Sunday and national holidays 25 € from 6:30 to 9:00, 25 € from 09:00 to 18:00, 25 € from 18:00 to 22.30, 30 € from 22:30 to 06:30.
Fee missing fuel:
A one-time fee of EUR 10 /BGN 20/ is payable when it is found that part or all of the fuel is missing when choosing a full / full fuel policy. The missing fuel is paid separately at the price of the gas stations around (diesel or gasoline). Fuel is charged up to 5 km. from the point of return.
Fee for dirty car 15 euro /30 leva/ for light car, 20 euro /40 leva/ - van 6 + 1, 8 + 1 seats
When the car comes back dirty and difficult to inspect, the fee is 15 euros or 30 levs in cash for a car and 20 euro /40 levs/ for a 6 + 1 or 8 + 1 van. The car is clean and returned clean - after a car wash - thorough cleaning. The car is inspected only in clean condition and after the inspection the deposit is released. The customer can state in advance that there is no opportunity and time for car wash.
Car wash fee 50 Euro /100 BGN/ - light car:, 75 euro /150 leva/ - van 6 + 1, minibus 8 + 1
When the car is returned in very poor condition with stains and seat covers and other internal dirt that is difficult to clean in a regular sink caused most often by young children or a very long journey with food debris or other dirt and footprints on the dashboard, seats, ceiling, etc.

All types of insurance are mandatory for rents which include dates for june, july, august and september, as well as for rents outside Bulgaria year-round.

The service: get here - return there or "one-way rent"
The service: get here - return there or "one-way rent" is always paid extra. This fee varies depending on various factors such as vehicle size, fuel consumption, contract length, distance between 2 points of rental and return of the car, frequency of hiring, season load, the ability to move the employee with urban and interurban transport and others. It is always different and ranges from € 5 to € 150 in the direction. The amount of the fee is determined by requesting and providing comprehensive service data that is required. The service is not always available, but only when we have the opportunity to run it.
The service is not offered for a rental period of 1 day. In this case, we offer our clients a different service called "transfer" - the carriage of passengers with a certain amount of baggage, from point A to point B. This service includes car, fuel, driver, road and motorway charges and insurance.
International bank transfers fee
EUR 15 for each international bank transfer.