Rent a car in Haskovo Mineral Baths

Haskovo Mineral Baths

Rent a car in Haskovo Mineral Baths Location: Haskovo Mineral Baths is a famous Spa resort, located at the northern foothills ofthe East part of Rodope Mountain. It is 18 km west of Haskovo, at 280 m altitude. There are many archeological finds from the prehistoric age, ancient and medieval times, found in theregion. They prove that the mineral springs in Haskovo Mineral Baths were used for centuries now.

SPA and Climate: There are 15 hot mineral springs in the region. Their temperature varies from 54°С to 56 °С. The climate is temperate continental under Mediterranean impact. There are more than 1200 sunny hours per year that makes Haskovo Mineral Baths one of the sunniest regions in Bulgaria. The hot mineral waters, the sun and the gentle climate have very favourable influence over the human constitution.

Rent a car in Haskovo Mineral Baths Recreation and Entertainment: The resort offers a great variety of sport and recreational facilities. There are parks and prophylactic zones at a disposal of the guest. The visitors can see the picturesque vicinities of the resort and to take a trip to the nearby town Haskovo.