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Rent a car from Val&Kar for Kazanlak

Rent a car Kazanlak Val and Car Rent a Kar offers car rental in Kazanlak. The company's car fleet is made up of new cars, vans, minibuses and SUV of all types and sizes at affordable prices

We recommend that you make your reservation at least a few days in advance because if you contact us at the last minute, it is possible that we will not have available cars or we will not be able to deliver the car at the desired time.

Our car rental fleet in Kazanlak

Due to the low demand, we do not support available cars in Kazanlak and for this reason we do not serve short-term contracts on its territory. The price for delivery or collection of a rental car in Kazanlak depends on the selected car class. Also which location it will be delivered from, depending on the availability by the time of your booking.

The biggest choice of cars you have in Sofia. We also have cars in several categories in Haskovo. From these cities you can hire and return a rental car without charge for delivery and collection even for a shorter rental period.

You can rent a car Fast and easy from our website


  • Choose a suitable car size from the different categories, taking into account the number of passengers and the amount of luggage
  • Choose a car with manual or automatic gearbox
  • Fill in carefully date, time and location of pick up and return of the car
  • Order additional equipment if you need any and mark "drive abroad" if you intend to visit other countries
  • We recommend that you order our additional insurances for damage and theft. They are not included in the daily rental price. In fact this is the so called "casco" insurance.

Once you have completed all the details, click on the price button and you will see how much the rental price would be for the chosen vehicle without delivery and return fee. You can modify the details repeatedly and the system will calculate the cost relative to changes.

When you confirm your request, we will contact you at nearest possibility and we will give you delivery and collection fee according to current availability. Please note that van, minibus or SUV car rental are available at airports and bigger cities in the country.

In case you land or depart at/from Sofia Airport it is best to book a car directly from the airport.


Our prices are the same across the country, but you will have the largest selection of cars and you will save on delivery and collection fees. We will welcome you and give you the rented car upon your arrival and you will not have to organize any other transport to Kazanlak. And upon return of the car you will simply pass it to the employee who will be waiting for you at the airport.

It is necessary to prepay the rental in order to deliver your car in Kazanlak.

After we have specified all the details you can make the payment of the rental price in cash, with a credit / debit card or with a link through our website. The deposit or liability can be left in cash or by credit card.

You can always get information by contacting us on 0700 19 002 at the price of 1 local call or on 0878 666 944 during our working hours from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00. You can also contact us by email or send a direct request through our website:


It is important to know that Kazanlak is the capital of the Rose Valley, which is famous for its cultivation of roses for industrial purposes and the extraction of rose oil. This is one of the symbols of Bulgaria

When you are traveling by car in Kazanlak

You can visit the art gallery, the historical museum, Chudomir Literary and Art Museum, Kazanlak Monastery Vavedenie Bogorodichno, Historical and Ethnographic Complex Kulata, House Museum AcadđÁmician Dechko Uzunov, Kazanlak Ossuary, the Rose Museum, the Trail through the centuries, the Megalith Solar Door (Father's stone), the fortress Buzovo Kale, the Koprinka Dam, the Enine Gorge, the ancient town of Sevtopolis, the Saint Mound, the Kranska Fortress, the Ostrusha Mound, the Big Kosmatka (Tomb of Tsar Sevt III), the Helvetzia Mound, Mound of Gryphonite, Mound of Shushmanets, Vinishki stone, Big Arsenalka Mound, Shipchenski Monastery, Maglizh Monastery, Fortress of Gornenski Grad, Buzludzha Monument on Buzludzha Peak, the Waterfalls Big Jump and Small Jump, the National Park-museum Shipka, the Natural landmark Pirostiata, Ethnographic Complex Damascena, Bulgarka Nature Park, Gabarevo Dam and many other unforgettable places.